Nepal: Bikalpa Student Engagement Project 2019 – 2020

Bikalpa conducted orientation programs in colleges and then selected the most interested students for their Workshops on Opening Market Promoting Entrepreneurship, in Biratnagar Nepal.  The aim was to increase their personal capacities and equip them with a basic understanding of public policy and political economy issues including the value of trade, entrepreneurship and growth, role of the government, rights and responsibilities of a citizen, individual and economic freedom, government accountability, rule of law and sound policies for economic prosperity.

College programs are 2 hours for bachelor level students. 6 colleges were chosen and a total of 12 sessions organized with 485 students taking part from April to November.   7 days of orientation programs have been held in a local hotel with 165 participants so far and 3 more days to come.  These are from 9.45 to 5pm and are titled “Opening Market Promoting Entrepreneurship” workshop.

Opening Market Promoting Entrepreneurship workshop

The program provides valuable insight to the students that ultimately it is trade, market, and entrepreneurship which brings economic prosperity to the country. The program also makes students realize that prosperity and poverty both are the creation of good and bad policies. If we want to raise the economic status of the individuals and of the country, we need to focus on sound an economic policy that creates an environment where entrepreneurial activities can flourish. It also educates students on the issue of personal liberty and importance and impact of public policy in individual’s life.

The Program `also helps Bikalpa to reach large number of students and build the relation with the college management as well, which provides Bikalpa an opportunity to have a good supporter base in the region. Besides this, participants were engaged in different Bikalpa program and activities, and they are encouraged to attend other new programs.

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