Education Week in Ghana, 2019

Organized by the Institute for Liberty & Policy Innovation (ILAPI)   11th – 15th July 2019.

Three events were arranged to educate as many people as possible about basic economics and the economic opportunities that come with the philosophy of liberty.

A day long Young Leadership Colloquium was held for the purpose of exploring the concepts of global innovation and employment.  23 young intellectuals mostly from Ghana but a few from Kenya and Cameroon were chosen to take part from the 98 applications received.

Brian Baugus was the main facilitator and one of the main lessons from the first session was that entrepreneurs are people with the ability to create value by serving others.  Participants were allowed to identify problems and provide solutions that could also help to generate wealth.

The second event was a public lecture on Ghana Beyond Aid and attracted stakeholders from Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Government of Ghana as well as many from Civil Society. Specific and prominent media houses who attended included  GhOne TV, CitFM, Joy FM and Atinka TV, ghana News Agency and Starr FM.  The lecture hosted prominent speakers from Ghana and the USA and 163 people attended it.

Professor Baugus was the final speaker and debunked the notion that export is key to prosperity.  He said that importing is equally good, that you may import what is cheap and which you cannot produce.

No country can develop with aid but rather through trade and production and for Ghana Beyond Aid to be achieved Ghana must trade, importing things that are expensive for a country to produce and exporting products that are cheaper for other countries to produce.  They need to create the enabling environment for citizens to innovate.

A discussion followed with networking etc taking place after that but then in addition and for the next several days the media coverage of Brian’s remarks far exceeded all expectations.  There were a total of 98 media mentions including many radio interviews but also TV interviews and many online pieces.

The final event pf the week was the three day intensive training for journalists in how to engage policy makers in discussions about the potential for market reforms to create limitless opportunities for wealth creation.   612 applications were received and  25 participants from 12 countries were selected and agreed to participate but unfortunately in the end 7  never came citing the costs of transport to the event.

Those who did come enjoyed a mixture of lectures and discussions including with 2017 and 2018 participants in this course who told of the effect it had on their work.

Abiam Ernest (from 2017)  told about the work he is doing exposing the corruption within the cocoa sector in Ghana.  By law cocoa farmers have to sell their product to the government who are a monopoly buyer and can set the prices where they like.  The government then sells it to the world market making a profit at the expense of the farmers.  Abiam is making a film to expose this corrupt monopoly.

Ebenezer De-Gaul said that he lost his job as a morning show host after attending this event in 2018.  He attracted the displeasure of politicians when he changed the format to include more expert unbiased subject matter reducing the opportunities for politicians to make their views known.  Now he has a better job with New Radio as a back room producer of their political morning show.  He said that the training really changed his thinking and he can now understand more clearly who government behaves in the way it does.

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