Armenian Liberty Student Organization

Now called the Center for Enterprise and Opportunity agreed to run a number of student seminars in 2018 based on the book Foundations of a Free Society by Eamonn Butler which they had already translated and published.  Unfortunately there are very few people with the knowledge and experience to facilitate such seminars so they had booked the only two they knew.  But following the Velvet Revolution in May 2018 one of their two potential speakers, Armen Grigoryan, became secretary of the Republic of Armenia National Security Council and then the  other Taron Simonyan was successful in the snap parliamentary election later in the year and so was no longer available either.

For the moment nothing could happen and then Taron Simonyan was able to find the time in the summer of 2019 to become involved again.

271 students have now attended the agreed 10 Liberty Seminars and have taken part in deep discussions on the texts in the book guided by Taron Simonyan who both teaches,  motivates and encourages so young people really engage with him and want to get involved in promoting liberty themselves.

CEO will stay in contact with all participants and introduce them to new classical liberal texts that become available in Armenia and other activities that might be relevant.

Some seminars took place in a room in the Armenian parliament buildings.

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