Venezuela: Students for Liberty Translation, Publication and Seminars

Students for Liberty in Venezuela told us that they have very few books for their work with students so we funded them to print 500 copies of the Spanish version of Eamonn Butler’s book Foundations of a Free Society. They are now arranging at least 6 seminars in 4 towns in Venezuela where around 10 -15 students will be introduced to these ideas and have an opportunity to discuss them with an experienced facilitator  as a potential solution to their current problems.

In addition to these seminars the SFL team will have stands in 5 universities reaching out to up to 100 students on each occasion and will also take details from them for inclusion in future SFL events.  Plus they will run a social media campaign for a month with the expectation of reaching 10,000 and audio visual events which could reach another 3,000.  Also they will arrange 12 blog posts for student leaders and attendees at the events.

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