The 11th Annual Residential Workshop, in Khanaspur, Pakistan.

The institute organizes residential workshop for Pakistani youth every year at the hill station Khanaspur. This year the purpose of the workshop was for young people to learn the basis of a prosperous and responsible society. The program has been evolved over the last ten years and is now very popular with many applications to attend from young intellectuals even though everyone has to pay for part of the costs.  The workshop provides an opportunity for the participants to learn about economic freedom as well as to network and take part in theatre, debates, discussion forums, and hiking in the beautiful valleys of northern Pakistan.

Pakistan is world sixth largest populous country and has highest ratio of youth globally with a median age of 22.7 years. There are very few such educational activities arranged in Pakistan for young people. As usual this year over hundred young students and activists applied with space for only 38 all of whom were provided with pre-reading before the workshop began.  The alumni of this event now number over 300 and are beginning to make their mark across the country

The resource persons for the workshop were Dr Khalil Ahmad founder Alternate Solutions Institute, Dr Raza Ullah, Shahid Mehmood an economist and columnist, Dr. Fyaz Ali Shah and Dr. Shahid Jan Kakakhel.

The event was also covered by local media, and a local TV channel telecasted a short documentary on the event.

Their excursion in the mountains

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