Economic Foundations for a Free and Prosperous Lebanon

Religious tensions are part of the daily life in Lebanon and those tensions often lead to direct confrontations between sects and religions. The purpose of this workshop is to promote Free Market Economics an engine of peace and prosperity since it has the ability to become the common denominator of all the conflicting groups. The workshop is a unique opportunity to bring together parties/ex militias that otherwise would not interact. The objective is to shift the discussion from religion and war to policies that would improve the standard of living for all Lebanese, regardless of their religious affiliation.

This two-day workshop taught about 60 young intellectuals, politicians and political activists, how to integrate free market principles, when assessing a situation or taking a position on a policy issue.

Getting to know each other in a speed networking session on the first morning

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

·      Understand the moral foundations of economic freedom

·      Assess the limits of the government intervention policies

·      Explain how free market reforms leads to prosperity and growth

·      Acquire a framework to accurately identify and interpret the economic challenges.

·      Pitch for a free market reform of their choosing in front of their peers

The workshop hosted 60 staff and activists from the 8 major political parties in Lebanon. It will take place on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 8am till 7pm every day.

Each group will take 4 well-structured sessions of 2h each in segregated sessions

Plus 4 common sessions  which are also 2 hours each.  In addition to the sessions, opposed parties will interact during the breaks for three hours a day.

This workshop is part of a larger program called LIMS Leader Academy. In order to qualify to the workshop, participants should first take our online program: Connect Lebanon to Prosperity. The online program gathers the largest Arabic free market video collection. Once they watch the needed number of videos, they can qualify to the workshop.


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