The Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan in Afghanistan

Our long term partners The Afghan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation (AELSO) planned an ambitious Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan for autumn 2018 – spring 2019.

The aim was to promote democracy, liberty, tolerance and opposition to radicalism in four provinces outside Kabul and increase understanding of these concepts and other classical liberal values among young people, Islamic scholars, civil society activists and journalists in Afghanistan.
Also they ran the 4th Annual Human Rights Club for 40 young intellectuals to learn about basic human rights and classical liberal values and continued with their Silk Road Radio Station which is now broadcast by the national radio as well.

The launch of the caravan in 2018

The caravan included a conference in 4 major provincial cities of Afghanistan with around 200 participants in each, 20 smaller discussion events for an exchange of views, distributing relevant books including Islamic Foundations of a Free Society and mini libraries on CD as well as 12,000 leaflets being delivered.

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