The Challenges in South Sudan

Security in South Sudan is extremely challenging, per capita income is $182 pa and it is the 187th most difficult country in the world in which to do business.

John Mustafa created the Students Organisation for Liberty and Entrepreneurship believing that rule of law, protection of private property, free speech and free markets are the only hope for enterprise to prosper. So he was keen to get some of the CDs to give people the chance to study these concepts themselves.

Given the lack of security the odds seemed to be against the CDs getting to Yambio but we thought we had to try. After numerous difficulties they arrived 8 weeks late. Within 2 weeks John was introducing both the CD and the ideas to the state Minister of Education and shortly after students were being introduced to them as well.


John Mustapha introduced Hon Pia, Minister of Education Gbudue State, South Sudan to the CDs


John commented “these are wonderful and powerful collections of texts on the CDs. Surely they will make an impact in South Sudan”.

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