Students for Liberty Burundi Set Up First SFL Chapter in Rwanda

Students for Liberty Burundi set up the first SFL chapter in Rwanda in 2016 and in 2017 they visited the three universities with chapters spending a total of 5 days there holding seminars and discussions and ending with a quiz contest between teams in each university.

The universities were the  Catholic University of Kigali:( 9 students)  the Free University of Kigali:  (3)7 and the University of Kigali: (7).


Aimable Manirakiza being interviewed during their first visit on Radio 10 in Rwanda on economic freedom which was a brave act as the government closely controls all media. But on their second visit they were not able to get any such coverage because a charge was imposed on it.

The questions are based on the Foundations of a Free Society where the rubrics of the questions revolve around the different texts that frame with the subject of competition such as free market economy, limited state, private property, Government must withdraw from the economy, state-run human services, What advantages result from the activity of circulation of money and goods, etc. Whenever there was an internal or inter-university competition, there were about a hundred questions on the general knowledge questions taken from the CDs with the various texts of Adam Smith, Hayek Friedrich, Bastiat Fréderic, etc. And general knowledge questions related to the benefits of ideas for a free society in order to eradicate the barriers of prosperity and peace in our region. Everyone gets their own mini library on CD in French with around 100 classical liberal texts on it.

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