The Chevauchee Foundation – Common Sense for Life and Prosperity

The Chevauchee Foundation  led by Nathan Tjirimuje  will run a Common Sense for Life and Prosperity project which is an on line course to improve employees understanding of free markets so they will appreciate better how their firms need to work for both the firms and themselves to prosper.  It will also be available for students and promoted in schools.


The Chevauchee Foundation has contracted with a marketing company called 3 Arts Marketing to help sell both the Common Sense for Life and Prosperity program as well as the Praxis financial literacy game from Sense for Money. Orders for these have been received from a private school where training was conducted, a community development organization and a small construction company.


In the photos the Chevauchee trainer Otto is seen with some of these groups. They are also updating their website to make it easier to add new information and reflect the new direction they are taking. The partnership with 3 Arts is also expected to help improve the marketing and reporting on marketing activities.

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