Silk Road Station Report

Silk Road Station Report

January 2016 – October 2016

Silk Road Online Radio & TV

The Silk Road Station is an initiative of AELSO by support of Network for a Free Society & Atlas foundation that launched on 2015 as one of the productive way to reach communities, youth groups, business community and all citizens and liberty loversacross the world.

The main idea of the Silk Road Station is to promote free society values.  During 2015 (Oct- Dec) 35 divers radio programs have been designed in consultancy ofAfghan & International scholars which all of them are focused to how we can more effectively spread the ideas of liberty.

Each of the programs of the Station has a special title and covers particular topic for discussions and broadcasting 2 times programs are 40 % Pashto, 40 % Dari and 20 % in English language. The mobile apps of the station are available on App Store and Google Store for smart phones which everyone can download it freely and listen to the programs.

Click here to read the full report and pictures.


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