The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation (AELSO)  is run by M Abul Ahrar Ramizpoor. During 2016 they continued to build their online Silk Road Radio Station which promotes free society values and helps to counteract violent extremism.  It is a unique program to enable and encourage an exchange of views with young Afghans on topics such as the market economy, freedom of speech, rule of law, good governance and Islam and a free society in Dari,  Pashto and English.   It is manned by over 100 volunteers and four full time technicians and in 2016 had an average of 1000 listeners a day in both Afghanistan and other countries where Dari is understood.

A Meeting of the White Organisation

Afghan Students Learn about Liberty

They also run a series of round table discussions and the book “Islamic Foundations of a Free Society” was the topic at the most recent one and they created The White Association (white for peace) for young Afghans which has a membership of approximately 10,000.



Discussion group in Kabul on ideas in the book, Islamic Foundations of a Free Society

Listening to a program going out live

Volunteers planning the next Silk Road programs

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