Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME)

Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME)

January 2017

The Young Fellows Program is an effort by Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) to create future leaders and knowledge professionals. It brings together research scholars, authors and emerging experts working on different themes pertaining to State, Society, Economy and Media in context of Pakistan with possible consequences of their work for status of freedom in a classical liberal framework. The Program consists of a series of Workshops where applicants from around the country come together to receive training in research, communications entrepreneurship and more.

Discussions at PRIME’s Young Scholars Program, Jan 2016

This time, a diverse group of 17 young individuals including academics, social activists and researchers were carefully selected from around Pakistan to participate in the workshop which was held in Murrree, a hill station near Islamabad, from 9 to 11 December 2016. During the two-day workshop, participants learned about individual, political and economic liberty, role of Think Tanks, how to convert ideas into meaningful action and effective communication. These sessions were conducted by Mr. Ali Salman, Executive Director PRIME, Ms. Ayesha Bilal, Chief Operating Officer and Syed Ali Ehsan, Head of Marketing and Communications. At the end, each participant shared what they learned and how it applies to their ideas and goals for future activities. PRIME Institute has pledged to facilitate the young fellows in structuring their ideas into tangible actions and provide them support through aligning with PRIME’s activities.

Getting to know each other at PRIME’S Young Fellows ProgramJan 2016

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