OPENFEST held in Sarajevo, Bosnia

As part of the by the ambitious Openfest run by think tank Multi in Sarajevo in October 2016  there was a session on Islam and a Free Society presented by the Istanbul Network for Liberty.

The link below is a recording of the session which was attended by about 30 people and ended with a lively discussion session.

CDs were available in English and were popular with the students and also copies of the recent book published by the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, Islamic Foundations of a Free Society.

Attentive audience for the debate in Sarajevo on freedom and Islam

“Perspectives on ideas of free society and Islam” Session organized by Istanbul Network a for Liberty at Open Fest in Sarajevo. Introduction: Dr. Admir Cavalic, Tuzla University and Multi Organization  Chair: Dr. Edo Omercevic, Economist

Speakers: – Ozlem Caglar Yilmaz, Board Member of Infol and Association for Liberal Thinking on “Challenges and Requirements in Muslim Countries and Infol” – Hakan Şahin, PhD Candidate in Islamic Economics, Lecturer at ALT and Admin at Istanbul Network for Liberty on “Early Islam, Civil Society and Market Economy” – Linda Whetstone, Chair of Network for Free Societies and Atlas Network, Board Member of Infol, introduces new book Islamic Foundations of Free Society.

Debate in Sarajevo on the free society in Islam

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