Students for Liberty Forum in Bujumburu, Burundi in January 2017

Network for a Free Society’s CD mini library of about 100 classical liberal texts in French were available for students from Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo at the forum organized by Students for Liberty in Bujumburu, Burundi in January 2017.   The purpose of the event was for the very active SFL group in Burundi to help start groups in DRC and Rwanda with the help and encouragement of Olumayowa Okediran, head of SFL in sub Saharan African amongst others.

Aimable Maniraiza, of SFL Burundi said “Dear friends, our fight doesn’t begin tomorrow but today. Let’s make Burundi, DRC and Rwanda freer than ever with 2017 because the eyes of the world are turned towards you to bring about a social, economic, etc. change that many people dream day and night. The best remains to be written with 2017.”


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