ALOD Distributs ‘Johhny Profit’ by Michael Malgeri

The African Libery Organisation for Development, ALOD runs effective students seminars in many East African countries and has recently been distributing the book ‘Johhny Profit’ by Michael Malgeri which is available for free download.

“‘Johnny Profit’ bucks convention and takes the labels of guilt and greed out of honest profit making. It shows kids the value of mutually beneficial exchange and the pursuit of wealth. Parents will have a simple and fun way to provide their children a refreshing and alternative way of thinking about what really makes the world turn.” Larry Kudlow, host of CNBC’s The Kudlow Report.

They also give every student the mini library of classical liberal texts on CD ‘Ideas for a Free Society’ because those sorts of texts are not available to them in their libraries.

I am more than impress by the performance of the students, we can’t but presented all the schools prizes and building their confidence in future performance. I wish I can do more, this is one of the best days in this year. Application of Johnny” Profit” to buttress their points with local examples blow me up. The future is truly bright.

On this occasion they are St Peters Anglican Middle School, Inisa, Osum State, Nigeria giving out the prizes for the  Grand finale of the High School contest November 2016.


Student speaking at African Liberty Organisation for Development Nov16


CDs and books ready for students at St Peter’s Middle School, Osun State, Nigeria. Nov16

Nigeria 16

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