Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation (AELSO) Annual Report

IF YOU WANT TO BE INSPIRED read the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organisation (AELSO) Annual Report for 2015 and learn something of their achievements despite the challenging circumstances.




Below are the main activities carried out by the organization in 2016:
• 34 Afghan youth studied in AELSO’s Human Rights Club. They gained main ideas and concept of classical liberalism and became advocates on free society values.
• Three main events with huge number of participants (each event 500 – 1100 persons) on the different parts of the country regarding peace and freedom
• Publishing monthly regular e – bulletin, (our surveys show that now it has more than 60000 readers & viewers from across the globe via internet)
• Students round tables that is organizing in each two weeks hosting 15-30 youth from several public and private universities, civil society associations, media, academics local communities and business community to discuss and promote market economy and the free society values .
• Researches on the different topics of the country and translating of the No Compulsion in Religion: Islam & the Freedom of Beliefs from English to National language of the country (Pashto).
• Growing and Development of our volunteers’ team that we didn’t experienced this huge number of volunteers in the past.
• Finally as the biggest achievements for us and for all of our partners we can say the inauguration of AELSO’s Online & Video Programs (Silk Road Station) that officially launched on 2015 should be counted as a unique initiative. The Station is running very well with 35 audio programs on national languages of the country and English; to spread the ideas of liberty for Afghanistan and the world.  Please click on the picture to see the full report.



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