Students for Liberty, Senegal

Latyr Tine of Students for Liberty, Senegal has to be thanked and congratulated for his determination to make texts that explore the principles and foundations of a free society available to Senegalese students.  Thanks also to Emeka Ezeugo for his support.

The process of getting the French mini-libraries on CD out of customs took 8 long weeks!! The prevarication was about tariffs due, if that is what they were, and it demonstrates so well one of the main challenges to Africans imposed by their governments.  Too many regulations and restrictions especially where trade is concerned.  Imagine how much better African economies would work if there was free trade.  Imagine how much cheaper goods would be, how much more competitive African industries would become if there was free trade without any restrictions on goods crossing borders.

We had the same problems in Kenya and in Morocco.  As a result we can make the CDs in the UK for as little as 40 US cents including covers and depending on numbers,  but in Africa the cost is between $1 and $2.

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