Freedom is the Solution for Poverty

Freedom is the Solution for Poverty – tag line for Audace Institut Afrique in Cote D’Ivoire.

In Cote D’Ivoire the CDs are being distributed by  Audace Institut Afrique who have immediately put them to good use on three projects because rarely before have students, or teachers had any access to these ideas.  They are virtually the only resources available for the first Students for Liberty group to be formed in Cote D’Ivoire and without any access to texts of this sort it is impossible for students to learn about the relationship between freedom and prosperity.


Students receiving their CD’s

Cote D'Ivore2


The CD’s are also being used as the basis for a student debating competition because debating is popular amongst students and is a great way to get students really thinking about these ideas. Additionally they will provide prizes for a competition between researchers in an Ivorian Institute to produce the best plan for re-inventing property rights in that country,  and the establishment of viable property rights is undoubtedly a prerequisite for prosperity. NFS also sent them a lot of material on alternative and innovative ways of solving property rights challenges which they have apparently made good use of..   We are told that several very good ideas have been submitted through this competition and in early December 2014 we are waiting to hear more about the ideas and the wining submission.


Cote D'Ivore1

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