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The funding was raised and the CD created to provide access to classical liberal texts for people in countries where they were not otherwise available. On this basis, and as the number we could produce was limited by copyright the UK was not a target area.

However we did give some to organisations in the UK that work with students promoting individual liberty and free societies to distribute at their events.

Having so many texts on one CD was a big benefit even in the UK because it systemised content as an introduction to pro-market ideas and philosophy that could be more efficient than browsing on line and it provided a large number of texts for a low price and requiring minimal storage.

When the current 100,000 copies of the English version of the CD run out NFS is hoping to produce a third edition which will not include any texts whose reproduction is limited by copyright so that students can then copy them for friends, or teachers can make copies for their whole class..

This will mean some excellent texts by authors such as Hayek, Friedman, Bauer and Simons being left off but it will solve the challenge of having to limit the numbers produced and the need to fundraise for purchase of copyrights.  And there are very many excellent texts whose copyrights have run out, so they are in the public domain, or whose copyright owners are willing to waive their rights in order for their texts to be made available to a much wider audience.

When this happens many more copies may circulate in the UK.

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