The Namibian Chavauchee, or Black Flag, Foundation

The Namibian Chavauchee, or Black Flag, Foundation’s sole aim is to spread the message that freedom in Africa for Africans can only be secured and guaranteed by greater economic growth than has taken place thus far. They believe that this growth will come about only through the embrace of a free market philosophy and an open political system and have come to an agreement with the National Students Union, NANSO to set up reading clubs, debating societies and entrepreneurship workshops. The program will focus particularly on schools in low income communities where access to reading materials and mentorship opportunities is rare.  NFS is supporting this program in conjunction with Atlas.Network ( who are the senior partners.

 Over 1000 students are expected to take part in the first round of this program with potentially several thousand if it can be rolled out as hoped.

 The books they have initially chosen are Condensed Wealth of Nations and Austrian Economics by Eamonn Butler from the Adam Smith InstituteAre We Good Enough for Liberty by Larry Reed (,  Freedom 101 by Madsen Pirie from ASI and   Public Choice – A Primer again by Eamonn Butler but from the Institute of Economic Affairs.

To Read the program for this project please click here.

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