The Book Capital of Armenia

In 2012 Yerevan was recognized as the Book Capital of Armenia which greatly raised the status of reading in this country.  This was reflected in book reading that was open to the public, reading evenings etc so the Armenian Liberty Students Organization decided to make use of this cool trend to translate pro-liberty texts, make them available in Armenian, distribute them to students and organize regular seminars where the principles of a free society will be explained and promoted. They hope that these seminars will develop another generation of liberty-oriented speakers in Armenia who will create their own community of free-thinking people and spread the gained knowledge to others.

 The theme of the first meeting on July 25 is The Institutions of a Free Society where translated sections of the IEA book by Eamonn Butler ‘Foundations of a Free Society’ (  will be used and distributed

 The speaker is Taron Simontana free-minded academic respected by students. He received his PhD in 2012 and for many years gives lectures in Yerevan State University (Department of Law, Center of European Studies) and French University in Armenia Foundation. He is also Member of the Council of the Department of Law of YSU, director of International and Comparative Law Center NGO and Founder, General Director, Advocate of ELL PARTNERSHIP LLC.

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