Free To Choose – Milton Friedman

40 years on and Milton Friedman’s message is as relevant and powerful as ever.  His ground breaking series Free to Choose is now available in Arabic on YouTube.

He has been educating people in the value of limited government and individual freedom for over half a century and has indeed had a profound effect on public understanding of the advantages of a free society.   Until recently Arabic speakers were not able to benefit from his wisdom but recently the legendary series Free To Choose, produced by him and his wife Rose, was released in Arabic.

 Last year Bob Chitester of the Free to Choose Network told us the series was available in Arabic but had not been used.  We discussed it with the Arabic Center for Scientific and Humane Studies in Morocco,, bought the copyrights for them and now it is available on line for all Arabic speakers. Since it was posted at the beginning of the year it has been viewed nearly 16,000 times.

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