Launch of 3rd Edition of the CD

We were delighted to announce the launch of the 3rd edition of the CD Ideas for a Free Society in July 2014 in partnership with the Atlas Network. It contains over 120 inspirational texts covering many aspects of freedom and is available free to those who share our vision of a free society world wide.

Because texts that explore and explain the principles and foundations of a free society were not available to many millions in the world and because it is so expensive to ship or produce and distribute books we first developed a CD in 2006,  because they are so cheap to produce and relatively cheap to ship.  The cost of producing and shipping the 2nd edition even to places like Afghanistan was less than $1 per CD providing they were shipped in larger numbers.

5,000 copies of the first edition of the CD Ideas for a Free Society were distributed in 2006/7 and 100,000 copies of the 2nd edition in English were distributed between 2009- 13 through our partners in some 60 countries. Thousands of others were distributed in Chinese, Turkish, Kyrgyz, Portuguese and Russian and soon we will have versions in French and Arabic.


We are now making 50,000 copies of this 3rd edition but  as it will be possible for anyone to make copies of it for friends or students who knows how many will now be able to read about the creative power of freedom for the first time.  It was not possible to make copies of the earlier editions because of copyright restrictions.

We would like to thank the Earhart Foundation most sincerely for their funding for this project. They have generously supported a number of our projects and we are very grateful to them for their guidance and generosity.

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