Armenian Students for Liberty’s 1st Annual Conference

Armenian Students for Liberty’s 1st Annual Conference and Pre-Conference Essay Contest Award enjoyed a full house.

They were fortunate to have a large group of well known experts in their respective fields participate in our conference. These included Glenn Cripe, Andy Eyschen, who already know Armenia well and Ilia Meshvildishvili, Taron Simonyan, Menua Brutyan. Their involvement resulted in some  successful forums, workshops, sessions, etc.

Please see the pictures here

They also helped to choose the winners of the Essay Contest that Network for a Free Society had supported.. The winners were Lusine Melqonyan, Raffi Elliott and Artsrun Khanjyan.



It is hoped to continue to work with each of them in a joint effort to build the movement for freedom in Armenia. 



About 100 CD’s of Ideas for a Free Society were distributed and the rest were used for the next workshop on 18 September, 2013 in Yerevan. Speakers there were Andy Eyschen, Glenn Cripe and Anush Grigoryan.

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