The Condensed Wealth of Nations

Readers in Iran can now buy copies of The Condensed Wealth of Nations in Farsi either from the publishers in Iran or through Amazon.  The Wealth of Nations is one of the most important books ever written and yet it is rarely read today because it is written in a dense style.  The author, Eamonn Butler has a real talent for explaining complex issues in a clear and easily understandable way so anyone who wants to learn from Adam Smith’s important insights should read this small book


Smith recognized that economic specialization and cooperation was the key to improving living standards and shattered old ways of thinking about trade, commerce and public policy, which led to the foundation of a new field of study: economics.


For the book in English go to the website of the Adam Smith Institute, 

and for those who wish to read it in Farsi go to the link on Amazon

or  to the website of the publisher, Sargol Publications,

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