“Samriddhi” Published an Introductory Primer in May

“Samriddhi” Published an Introductory Primer in May

“Samriddhi”, the Prosperity Foundation in Nepal just published an introductory primer in May exploring the principles and practise of a free society.  The texts were taken from the CD  ‘ideas for a Free Society’  and translated.





Articles for Ideas for a Free Society-An Introductory Primer for Nepal


1.     Nature of government,  Ayn Rand  

2.     7 Principles of Sound Public Policy,  Lawrence Reed

3.     Make Poverty History-Tackle Corruption– Wolfgang Kasper

4.     The Failures of State Schooling in Developing Countries   and People’s Response – James Tooley and Pauline Dixon  

5.     Free Market – Murray N. Rothbard  

6.     Twenty Myths About Markets – Tom Palmer

7.     Property Rights – Armen A. Alchian

8.     Creating Jobs vs Creating Wealth – Dwight R. Lee

10.  More People, Greater Wealth, More Resources, Healthier Environment.   Julian Simon.


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