“Samriddhi” Published an Introductory Primer in May

“Samriddhi”, the Prosperity Foundation in Nepal just published an introductory primer in May exploring the principles and practise of a free society.  The texts were taken from the CD  ‘ideas for a Free Society’  and translated.





Articles for Ideas for a Free Society-An Introductory Primer for Nepal


1.     Nature of government,  Ayn Rand  

2.     7 Principles of Sound Public Policy,  Lawrence Reed

3.     Make Poverty History-Tackle Corruption– Wolfgang Kasper

4.     The Failures of State Schooling in Developing Countries   and People’s Response – James Tooley and Pauline Dixon  

5.     Free Market – Murray N. Rothbard  

6.     Twenty Myths About Markets – Tom Palmer

7.     Property Rights – Armen A. Alchian

8.     Creating Jobs vs Creating Wealth – Dwight R. Lee

10.  More People, Greater Wealth, More Resources, Healthier Environment.   Julian Simon.


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