Launch of Online Library of Classical Liberal Texts in Arabic

The Arab Centre for Scientific Research and Humane Studies in Morocco have just launched an online library of classical liberal texts in Arabic. It now contains 76 texts and 4 of the books have already been published commercially in hard copy in Egypt with six more to follow. It is a great achievement.


The texts on the website include, the Economic Way of Thinking by Paul Heyne, Peter Boettke and David Prychitko, On Liberty by J.S Mill, The Adventures of Jonathon Gullible by Ken Schoolland, Not a Zero-Sum Game by Manual Ayau, Liberalism by Ludwig von Mises and Islam and Mammon by Timur Kuran.

The books that have already been published commercially are The Morality of Capitalism edited by Tom Palmer, Principles of a Free Society by Nigel Ashford and the Evolution of Cooperation by Robert Axelrod.

 The Intellectuals and Socialism by Friedrich Hayek














What is the Rule of Law by Leon Louw






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