Language of Liberty in Brazil

Language of Liberty held their first event in Brazil in April 2012.

Marcel van Hatten, who is Brazilian, but currently studying in the Netherlands, worked with Glenn Cripe and Andy Eyschen of Language of Liberty to make it happen.

Marcel said “  We thought a big barrier would be finding even 40 participants interested in spending 3 days at a seminar conducted in English, since the majority of Brazilians don’t speak it. However, Porto Alegre has 1.5 million inhabitants, with many students, so we decided it would be a good place to experiment.

Our main concern turned into our best virtue. Even though many participants had little previous exposure to libertarian (liberais, in Brazil) ideas, it was the idea of English immersion that attracted most of them. This interest in the English language opened many eyes to views of the world they had never seen before. Over 100 people attended! “

They had an ambitious program and Glen Cripe introduced and explained the CD.


14 a 16 de abril de 2012 Porto Alegre – RS

Saturday 14 April — Classical Liberal Philosophy

09h:  Welcome, introductions, “Why Freedom”? 10h:  Session 1 (Andy Eyschen): History of Classical Liberal Thought 11h: Break 11h15: Session 2 (Glenn Cripe): Ayn Rand: Origin of Rights; Proper Role of Govt 12h30: Break 12h45: Video: “Is There Anything Government Can’t Do?” (John Stossel) 13h30: Lunch 14h30: Session 3 (Fabio Ostermann): Regulation 15h30: Break 15h45: Session 4 (Marcel van Hattem): Comparative Politics 16h45: Panel discussion: Rights vs Responsibilities 18h  Evening activity

Sunday 15 April — Free-Market / Austrian Economics

09h:  Session 1 (Andy Eyschen): Principles of Free-Market Economics 10h30: Break 10h45: Session 2 (Glenn Cripe): Ideas of Bastiat 12h: Break

12h15: Video: “Greed” (John Stossel)

13h: 14h: 15h: 15h15: Session 4 (To be confirmed): 16h15: Break

16h30: Session 5 (Tom Palmer): Morality of Capitalism 18h:         Pub night at Dublin Irish Pub

Monday 16 April — Entrepreneurship

09h:  Movie: “The Call of the Entrepreneur” 10h30: Break 10h45: Session 1 (Andy Eyschen): Entrepreneurship


Session 3 (Helio Beltrão): Austrian Economics to Overcome the Current Crisis Break

12h: 12h15: 13h30: 14h30: 15h30: 15h45: Session 4 (Ronald Hillbrecht): “Brazil: is its future what it used to be?” 16h45: Closing and Departure to the Liberty Forum

Break Session 2 (Glenn Cripe): Ideas of Hayek Lunch Session 3: (Local Entrepreneur) Break


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