“Creating the Pathways to Prosperity”  in  Ethiopia, a Seminar as held first at Addis Ababa University and secondly at St. Mary’s University College on consecutive days in April.

Adedayo Thomas met an academic from one of the universities in Addis Abeba on his way to Tanzania and explained the trips he was making to different African countries to explain the pathways to prosperity.  Shortly afterwards he received an email from him.

“ I saw your recent programme posted on the facebook and feel we should resume talk on extending such to us here in Addis Ababa base on our early discussion at Addis Airport on your way to Tanzania last year. I have equally discussed this with the authorities of some of our universities who are deeply interested. University of Addis Ababa and St Mary University are willing to have you in their school by end of March. It will be highly appreciated if you can get back to me very soon for us to make the date a reality. Our students here need such great exposure to the reality of the world.”

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