Addis Ababa University

At Addis Ababa University, students came into the hall as expected and were already waiting before we could finish setting up. The participants on the registration list were 67 but over 100 were seated in the hall. Our anchor in Addis Ababa later revealed that lecturers were also present.

Adedayo was on the stage for 3 hours trying to be moderate but making a strong defense of African history in terms of trade and property right. Nigerian telecommunication industry was used to justify liberalization of the economy as against the Ethiopian monopoly of the industry. A German student asked if the free market economy is not another way of trying to colonize Africa again which gave Adedayo the opportunity to reflect that Ethiopia had not been colonized,  yet remains poor and for those colonized, the free trade was destroyed by self-centered elites.

The books and CD was distributed to all in the hall. The remaining CDs handed over for further distribution to the departmental libraries.  There were requests from other schools interested in this program, which could not be taken up  because of other commitments outside Ethiopia.

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