Management College of South Africa

Leon Louw of the FMF made a
presentation on 9th April 2010 at the Management College of South Africa on the principles of a free society where all of the audience were mature graduate students.

Ideas for a Free Society

MANANAGEMENT COLLEGE OF SA Saturday 9 April 2010 (11am – 12am): 60 MBA students (Old JCE Campus, Parktown, Johannesburg). Lecturer: C.M Heydenrych. Presenter on behalf of the IPN: Leon Louw – Free Market Foundation of South Africa.

More than 60 Mancosa (Management College of South Africa) learners listened with great interest as Leon Louw, Director of the Free Market Foundation, explained the true meaning of Liberty. He not only was able to cover a vast field of knowledge in the short time allocated to him, but also was able to relate it to their field of interest – Economics. As MBA students, the study of Economics forms a core part of their learning and whilst they learn about various topics in Micro- and Macro-economics, their understanding of classical liberal concepts and literature are often wanting. This lecture and the CD will go a long way in awakening an interest in this important body of knowledge.

The questions that the students asked during and after the presentation and the nodding of heads during the talk clearly indicated that Lean had touched on issues that resonated with the audience. The eagerness of the students to learn more about the concepts were also reflected in them wanting copies of the Ideas for a Free Society CD’s for friends who have not been able to attend this class.

62 CDs were handed to the students and photos taken to record the event.


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