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The series “Creating the Pathways to Prosperity” was presented at  the University of Benin in July 2010 and 210 students signed up for it.

This project was run by Adedayo Thomas, outreach director of, in conjunction with the International Policy Network and took place in 6 African English speaking countries namely Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Benin.

Adedayo gave 5 reasons for doing the project.

  1. There is no existing libertarian activities in African institutions
  2. Students lack knowledge about the Principle of a Free Society and how it works.
  3. There are no reading materials available to them in school base on free society and tenets
  4. University students are being taught Marxist/Socialist principles that ends in their dependence on the government for economic and political empowerment
  5. The need for a generational change towards a brighter future for individual and the society at large.

The first part of the seminars were based on the principles of a free society and explaining the concept of the  “Ideas for a Free Society CD” to the students for further study.

The second part was to draw their interest to the libertarian principles through the organization of the Essay Competition based on the CD and encourage further readings of the texts in the CD


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