Ogun State, Nigeria

From Serfdom and Poverty to Freedom & Prosperity was the theme for an early seminar in 2012 at the Federal College of Education, Osiele, Ogun State, Nigeria where the text on the CD “Ideas for a Free Society” were used as the basis for the discussions.

The mode of teaching is always participatory and subject discussed is usually base on the schools status (Public or Private) disposition to our ideas. Whatever the subject we decide to discuss, we always tailor it to reflect and end up with the ideas for a free society.

In most of the lectures/seminars, presentations are by the usage of slides. The first phase of each seminar traces the historical foundation of Africa as a capitalistic economy before the distortion by the ruling elites. This lead us to the way forward with emphasizes on the Ideas for a Free Market Economy using selected text in the CD such as Federic Bastiat’s Selected Essay on Political Economy, Lawrence Reed’s Principles of Sound Policy, Johan Norberg’s In defense of Global Capitalism and others.

Here, discussion on big government and interventions/regulation comes to debates in most cases., Adedayo then usually introduces the audience to the Essay competition based on the CD and other networks that will benefit them in the course of their studies and after.

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