Creating Pathways to Prosperity seminars

Well attended  Creating Pathways to Prosperity seminars taken by Adedayo Thomas of were held in Uganda in November 2010 with 313 students at the two sessions at the Uganda Christian University on 26th.

These seminars are put on because there are no existing classical liberal activities in African institutions so students have little knowledge of the principles of a free society or how it works and there are no reading materials available to them in their schools that explore and explain them.

During the seminar students are taught how free market economies work using selected texts from the CD “Ideas for a Free Society” shown on a large screen.  Examples are Federic Bastiat’s Selected Essay on Political Economy, Lawrence Reed’s Principles of Sound Policy and  Johan Norberg’s In defense of Global Capitalism and others.

There are questions and everyone is given a CD.

While in Uganda Adedayo met with the officers of the East Africa University commission on the possibility of distributing the CD and spreading the message to more institutions in East Africa.

94 participants from Kyambogo University, Kampala International University Western Campus, Kampala International University Kasanga and members of the civil society gathered at the Wabiagolo Hall, Kampala on the 29th Nov.2010 for the seminar on “Creating the Pathways to Prosperity”.

The Third seminar in the Uganda series of Creating Pathways to Prosperity was held at the Uganda Xtian University at the end of November 2010.

There was a very large turnout and at the end one of the lecturers, Ellen Asiimwe told the students about the essay competition at the end of November 2010.

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