Language of Liberty and came together at Lagos State University, April 11th to 16th 2011 and the topic was Free Enterprise and Morality.  The Smith Family Foundation, Network for a Free Society and African Liberty Students Organisation were also involved. (

Glenn Cripe of Language of Liberty ( wrote in his report of the event:-

The Nigeria camp came full of surprises. But the best came in the dynamic package of Mr. Adedayo Thomas.

Dayo, as he is casually known, is an acquaintance I made through Atlas Network. I suggested to our Nigeria camp local partner, Adedeji Akintayo, that he contact Dayo as a possible source for students, teachers or donations.

Adedayo is the publisher and Director of Outreach of  This cooperative venture with the Ghanaian think tank IMANI and with Atlas strives to bring African voices for liberty to the wider world and to work with African media to disseminate policy ideas for a new century of peace, freedom, and prosperity. His complete resume is impressive, but what is startling is that his educational background is theater.

After the usual beginning-of-camp logistics and settling in, what I’ve come to expect as typical soon became anything but. Dayo was scheduled to open with a lecture on classical liberal philosophy.  Though this lecture is a camp staple, it was never delivered in this way —

Loud.  Theatrical.  African-centric!

Over the six years that I’ve been organizing Liberty Camps, largely in central Europe, our historical context has always been European. In fact, what I know about African history and educational tradition wouldn’t fill a tea cup. But it was amazing to have a topic I know so well taught through different examples, different metaphors, and different events (such as colonialism).  I’m sure I learned as much as our students did.  And Dayo fully utilizes his theater background to break barriers and engage his audience.  He was definitely a tough act to follow.

Although this camp was a bit shorter than usual, our students left energized and eager to spread the philosophy of freedom throughout Nigeria — thanks, in large part, to our new friend Dayo.

The contents of the CD were explained and explored and everyone received one to take back for further study.

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