Quelimane city

Following the event in Chimoio Henriques went to Quelimane city, where CEMO ran another event to introduce students and academicians to the CD/DVD. It took place at the Universidade Politecnica. The discussion was about “The Challenges and Prospects for Development of a Youth Entrepreneurship: The Case of the Zambezia Province”, with Manuel de Araujo (CEMOs Founder and President) and Marcos Lourenco (Director of Universidade Politecnica).  Henriques Viola was the moderator.

The room has a capacity to 80 persons but there were more than 110.

Following these first three events the 500 CDs in English and the 500 DVDs in Portuguese were almost all distributed and Henriques said his goal was to “distribute 50.000 CDs and DVDs, (30.000 in Portuguese and 20.000 in English to open minds in Mozambique.  We attribute almost the same level of importance to both versions,  because the English one has many different and important texts from the Portuguese version.”


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