Rejoice Ngwenja is a journalist and commentator in Zimbabwe.  He is a long time defender of markets and runs COMALISCO,  the Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions.  They organise policy and free market forums and essay competitions.

In December 2009 he  received  a package of CDs to give to those who attend their meetings and when he let us know that they had arrived he said  I have “just taken custody of your amazing package, it’s a beauty. I’m already reading some materials for my Free Trade Talk tonight…”

Adedayo Thomas of AfricanLiberty.org (africanliberty.org) took the CDs and other material on an outreach trip to Zimbabwe in 2011.

Rejoice Ngwenya organised for him to give a lecture on the economy and globalization at a high school and he used the CD and I Pencil as case studies.  He also presented copies of the books and CDs to some universities and he took a stall at the Zimbabwe Book Fair where he discussed the concepts with those who wanted to debate the issues or learn  more and Rejoice joined him to give support.

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