The Fund for American Studies

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) seeks to create a brighter, more prosperous
future by preparing young people for leadership, teaching them the ideas of freedom
and a free-market economy. They bring together the brightest students from around the
world for an intense academic and cross-cultural experience.

In March 2010 they ordered 1000 CDs for their various overseas programs with
students in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA.

In June 2010 Michelle Le, who runs these programs, wrote that they had just welcomed
400 students from the US and around the world to Georgetown for their summer
Institutes! She said that their international programs will begin next month and she was
looking forward to distributing the CDs to all of their students in Europe, the Middle
East, Asia and Latin America!

They host an annual Asia essay contest on such topics as property rights and
development and send the CDs to everyone who submitts an essay.

Michelle was particularly excited about the Chinese CD long before it was ready because

they usually interview about 170 Chinese finalists a year (and can only select 15 for
their program), so they were keen to be able to provide all of them with the CD. When
she eventually got copies in Chinese she wrote “Thanks again for all of your help with
this. I know our students around the world will benefit from this great resource!”

Because that CD has no copyright issues they will be able to make as many copies as
they need and share them with all the Chinese students with whom the come into
contact every year.

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