The 2nd Edition of the English CD in China

Lion Rock, June 2009

The Lion Rock Institute in Hong Kong was keen to receive copies of the 2 nd edition of the
English version of the CD which they distributed to students, explaining and exploring
the texts on them.

“Lion Rock has a great interest in receiving “Ideas for a Free Society.” When you have
the second edition out would you be able to send us some copies to our Hong Kong
office? Although Hong Kong is currently the freest economy in the world, the schools
and the universities don’t quite promote those values. It would be wonderful to have
access to texts that explain and promote free societies for our educational efforts at
universities and secondary schools – something we can leave students with to share with

At the moment, we use our book, From Left to Right, written in Chinese, to educate
students and the public and we have just started planning to offer a “libertarianism 101”
class using the book as a starter. From Left to Right is the first abridged translation of
The Road to Serfdom in traditional characters with the second half explaining how the
translated content is relevant to Hong Kong.”

Lion Rock Institute 獅子山學會 – Hong Kong

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