Department of Philosophy, University of Peshawar, July 2011

A seminar was arranged for the distribution of CD among the students of Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Management Sciences, and Economics at the Department of philosophy, University of Peshawar.

Students’ attendance was less in the university due to annual examination starting from July 1, 2011 and students were busy in their preparation. Therefore, the date of seminar was announced well in advance to encourage more participation of students. A Total number of 42 students participated in the seminar.

– The seminar started at 1100 a.m.

– Verses were recited of the Holy Book and introductory information was given regarding the seminar.

Liberty of Philosophy animated video was displayed to the students, it was then replayed and the speaker discussed important points with students especially in Pakistani context. Students raised different questions. They especially pointed to the role of private sector in important national business activities especially with reference to power generation, steel mill etc. They expressed apprehension that privatization of government sector would result in large-scale unemployment and would badly affect the law and order situation, which is against the notion of Rule of Law, where the promotion of rule of law is the basic aim of this organization.

They pointed that our program and its purpose is an oxymoron. Provincial Coordinator responded that private sector worked based on fair market forces, where hard work, and innovativeness rule rather surviving on budgeting subsidies, which results in more taxation. It leads to a vicious circle, resulting in more poverty and stronger government control culminating in more government corruption. The discussion involved some more questions regarding the morality of privatization. Interestingly, there were students, who had attended Khanaspur 2011, workshop and they responded prudently to their questions.

A senior Dental Surgeon in Peshawar attended the workshop. He raised the question of free education. He said that he made a fortune in his private medical practice and he had paid only Rs. 2500 Rs for his medical education, while his son studying in a private medical college spent Rs. 2.5 Million for his study. He questioned that he must be provided education on payment rather as charity. If he was unable to afford then, he could be provided the opportunity to take loan from the university and he then repaid in a period of 5-8 years. That amount could be used in improving facilities and in training more doctors. It would made university financially sustainable, and a win-win situation for both of us.

In the rest of his speech, he stressed for a free democratic political system. He said a democratic political culture within political parties as a first step towards formation of a free society. He argued that for a free country there is a need of transparent political process, and democratic culture within parties.

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