Crescent University Abeokuta

Crescent University Abeokuta was the venue for a seminar on October 28th 2009 by AfricanLiberty.Org

The programme, which started at, with the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Registrar and Heads of departments (Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and banking and Finance) Selected Students from the Departments of Economic, Business Management, Banking and Finance, Political Science, Accounting and Mass communication present.

The Vice Chancellor opened the session with the introduction of AfriacnLiberty as the new partner of the university. Adedayo Thomas  later took the floor taking the students on the Free Market Economy tracing it to the advantages so far witnessed in the communication and Aviations industry. References made to African History and that of Prophet Mohammed trading skills without any hindrance from customs and immigration. Introduction of our tittles and the CD were made, however there is the need for a Video Project for a good presentation of the IPN CD.

At the end of the 4 hour interactive session, the Head of Department of Economics demanded Adedayo to give more insight into the operation of Capitalism which he did to the satisfaction of all. At exactly 3.45pm, our books and the IPN CDs were distributed. However, the books were not enough but the CD went round. The remaining CD from the park of 500 was handed over to the Deputy Registrar as demanded by the Vice Chancellor for distribution to all the university students from other faculties.

During the vote of thanks, 35 Economics student arrived from a field trip and begged for an extension of the programme to them which Adedayo could not handle at that time but with the intervention of the Vice Chancellor, Friday 30 Oct was chosen upon for another session.

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