2nd Edition of the Pakistani version of the CD, 2009

The Alternate Solutions Institute has also been involved with the second edition of the CD which was produced in 2009 and again they made their own slightly amended version.

The idea was to distribute them in much the same way as the first edition but as with the first edition nothing ever seems to be too easy in Pakistan.

Reservations on the part of colleges and universities whose administrators were reluctant to allow the CD to be distributed on their premises made them cautious about allowing any such venture inside their institutions because of the prevailing political and security situation.

However on April 19th 2011 a seminar was organized in the University of Gujarat where about 170 students participated and then on April 20th students were invited from various universities in Lahore to the Al-Hamra Hall in the University of Punjab.

On April 20th attendance was entirely voluntary with about 120 taking part.  Topics ranged from the mission and activities of the Alternate Solutions Institute to the benefits of education vouchers and an animated video on the “Philosophy of Liberty” was shown which had a great impact on the students.

A summary of the philosophy of liberty and personal freedom evoked several issues amongst the students and made them comfortable to ask questions and discuss alternate ideas about liberty, choice and personal freedom: areas usually ignored in Pakistani society. The question-answer session was jointly moderated by the two Directors of the Institute.

The students were then given a visual tour of the CD.  As it is rare to find articles and important books such as those on the CD contained the students were very interested in it.

The students were then given refreshments, where the entire A. S. Institute team discussed the topics with them and took informal feedback and remarks for their future programs.

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