Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar, May 2011

Another  CD distribution seminar was organized at the Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar in May, 2011.

Fifty registration forms were issued to the organizing committee but such was the demand that teachers asked that their students could come to the workshop without registration and  total attendance was over 80. These students were enrolled in BBA final semester, and MBA courses.

Seminar was started with the verses from the holy book.

Then the Provinicial Coordinator of ASI introduced the organization and explained its objectives and activities.

An animated video, the Philosophy of Liberty was shown and greatly interested the students.

A brainstorming session followed and at the end of discussion it was concluded that “Freedom is important for human dignity irrespective of race, gender and age. But for that freedom there must be some  rules of game, an honest force should be there to implement that Rules of Game.”

A short lecture was then given about the importance of rule of law, and freedom in the context of human development and happiness and the CD was introduced.

Refreshment boxes were distributed among participating students at the end of session.

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